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Cornerstone Driving Institute

Cornerstone Driving Institute is a small local driving school that focuses on individualized instruction, meeting the different needs of each student. We strive to lay a cornerstone creating a strong foundation for our students' driving future.

What can you gain from a Driver Education Course?

• Useful knowledge for responsible driving

• How your personality, emotions, and maturity affect your driving

• How to maneuver and control your vehicle to minimize risk in different environments

• How alcohol and other drugs impair your ability to drive, and a knowledge of the penalties for their use

• How to interpret traffic laws, rules of the road, signs, signals, and roadway markings

• An awareness of limiting factors for yourself and your vehicle

• How a vehicle works

• A knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation

• Develop your awareness of the roadway and its surroundings

• Learn how to better manage visibility, time, and space